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How to order concrete?

general information needed for concrete orders

  • application of concrete, construction stage
  • strength class (information on class specified in plans and specifications)
  • approximate quantity
  • approximate date of order completion
  • options of access to the site for a concrete mixer truck
  • required pumps for concrete


remember that:

  • a VAT invoice is the basic proof of purchase of concrete with specified parameters according to the requirements of the design
  • applicable standards precisely define the characteristics of specific concrete mixes*


worth knowing

  • exemplary application of concrete with compressive strength classes:

    C8/10 or C12/15 called ‘lean concrete’ - used as a leveling and substrate layer, e.g. for bedding under foundation footings, floors, pavements or garage driveways

    C16/20 and C20/25 - a mix for structural elements of houses, such as ceilings, stairs, tie beams

    C20/25 - ceilings, foundation footings, foundation plates - for cellar walls or foundation walls in areas with a high level of ground water,  ordering concrete with water repellence class W8 is recommended

    C25/30 - external elements, such as pavements, maneuvering yards, garage drive-ins, parking space with exposure class XF2 or XF3
  • transport - we deliver concrete with concrete mixer trucks in accordance with the applicable standards
  • application - it can be performed with the use of a concrete pump or directly from the mixer truck
  • pumping of concrete - performed with the use of a pump for concrete with a specified length of the extension arm, which delivers the mix to the application site
  • consistency - plastic or semi-fluid - refer to our guide
  • method of compacting of the concrete mix
  • maintenance of concrete


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* Basic production and delivery of concrete is performed in accordance with: PN-EN 206+A2:2021-08 "Concrete. Requirements, properties, manufacturing and compliance" and PN-B-06265:2022-08 "Concrete -- Requirements, performance, production and conformity -- National supplement to PN-EN 206+A2:2021-08".