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construction of a house – good idea!

The decision to start building a house is one of the most important decisions in life. It is not accidental and hasty, but a well-thought-out and conscious decision. The house should guarantee our safety, it should be durable and comfortable in order for us to feel great in it and enjoy all the time we spend there. So, where to start in order to guarantee peace of mind in the future?


professional approach

When planning the construction of a house, it is first worth considering various important aspects of the project. Apart from a good contractor, it is important to select the construction materials specified in the design which are in compliance with the quality standards. It is also worth considering innovative solutions and ideas in order to ensure the results of the work carried out at this stage are satisfactory for years.


foundation is the basis

The foundation is the durability and stability of every house. The quality of the materials used at this stage will jave an impact in the future. Foundations should be made carefully, using solid materials, as any errors or quality defects will be hard to eliminate. For the foundation, use:

  • ready-mix concrete in the strength class recommended by the design, while selecting the level of water repellence and proper consistency that facilitates work on the construction site (e.g. agrico.S concrete in consistency class S4) or
  • special solution, which is self-compacted SCC concrete with a fluid consistency, allowing the tight filling of the foundation without necessary vibration while applying the mix


Concrete is applied with a pump or poured directly from the mixer truck hopper.


masonry wall

For traditional brick laying in walls and joining individual masonry elements, i.e. blocks, bricks, ceramic bricks, we offer conecta mortars. The mortar is produced in the plant. The components are dosed by weight according to the recipe, so we obtain a homogenous mortar with the same strength as specified in the design. We deliver the ready-to-use mix directly to the construction site. When stored in correct conditions, the mortar will keep its working properties for up to 36 hours after production. Masonry mortars are produced by us in compressive strength classes: 5, 10 and 15 MPa, respectively.



Elements made of concrete are strong and durable. Apart from their functional use in construction, they can also be used for decoration. Raw and aesthetic concrete elements can be the background for unique arrangements. They are made of fair-faced concrete. Such concrete has its surface exposed and it does not need to be covered with a finishing layer. It can be used for internal walls, columns, poles, stairs, terraces, building façade elements, fencing, and landscape architecture in gardens. Fair-faced concrete is also available in various colors as colored concrete and it can have different textures, obtained by special surfaces of the formwork or as a result of sand-blasting/peening.


reliability over our heads

Ceilings are important elements of a house. Regardless of the selected system, the high quality of materials is important. In the case of a reinforced concrete ceiling, important considerations include the correct mix consistency and compressive strength class of concrete, so as to avoid classes that are lower than required for the project. After the application of concrete, proper concrete maintenance practices should be applied.


modern flooring

Dyckerhoff anhydrite screed is an innovative solution for modern flooring which, apart form its aesthetic qualities, must be durable and functional. In a system with floor heating, the anhydrite screed heats up fast, transfering heat well to improve the comfort of use. Low inertia allows the use of economic heating programs.


garage, driveway, footpaths, fencing

The agrico series includes specially prepared concrete, in which properly selected components improve the tightness of the material and improve resistance to a chemically aggressive environment and weather conditions. Freeze-thaw resistant, ensuring high durability and low costs of maintenance. Used in garages as floors with mechanical troweling, in elements around the house, such as: garage driveways, parking spaces, internal roads and access roads, walkways, garden pathways and fencing elements.

  • agrico.P floors in garages and backup buildings
  • agrico.M paving of garage driveways, parking spaces, internal roads and access roads, walkways, garden pathways, fencing elements.