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masonry mortar

Dyckerhoff Poland offers mortars for traditional brickwork. They are manufactured on concrete lines and delivered with concrete mixer trucks. The mortar is ready for use the moment it is delivered to the construction site, which means that  work can be commenced early in the morning, focusing exclusively on the brickwork. Such a solution makes brickwork easier and faster.


essential advantages

  • stable quality - the manufacturing process ensures homogenous mortar in every delivery - components of the recipe are tested and dozed by weight, unlike mixes produced on site based on approximate volumetric composition
  • bricklaying started early in the morning and the focus of all bricklayers on wall construction without any additional work necessary - saving time on the production of mortar on site, machinery servicing, removal of packaging, etc.
  • easy use – the fresh mix retains its working properties up to 36 hours after it has been produced, if the proper conditions of mortar storage are observed
  • order on the construction site - ready-to-use mortar for bricklaying, produced in the concrete mixing plant eliminates the need for the storage of individual components on site, such as sand and cement and it does not require power, water, etc.


for bricklaying

  • made of small-size elements with 10-40 mm thick joints, i.e. bricks and ceramic hollow bricks, silicate bricks, concrete blocks, aerated concrete, etc.
  • external and internal load-bearing and partition walls
  • cellar walls and foundation masonry
  • support pillars, ventilation stacks, etc.


performance and technical parameters

  • manufactured in the following strength classes: 5, 10 and 15 [MPa]
  • maintains its working properties for 36 hours
  • perfect adhesion to construction substrates
  • comfort of use thanks to good workability
  • freeze-thaw resistant


* Basic production and delivery of concrete is performed in accordance with: EN 998-2:2016 Specification for mortar for masonry. Part 2: Masonry mortar.