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Special Products

We support our customers by offering unique solutions and special applications or functionalities of innovative products. We adjust them to the needs in accordance with current state-of-the-art know-how and adherence to high quality standards. We help to implement your visions, in which concrete is a carrier of innovative structural and architectural solutions.

SCC Concrete SCC Concrete

New possibilities for investments, shorter time of construction and higher quality of construction processes with a higher quality of constructed elements.

Fair-faced Concrete Fair-faced Concrete

Unlimited possibilities of forming and exposing the surfaces of various structural elements.

Liquid Earth Liquid Earth

Innovative mix for filling various elements on the construction site.

Light Concrete Light Concrete

Lighter than standard concrete.

Pervious Concrete Pervious Concrete

Ensures the quick removal of water from the surface.

Agrico Series Agrico Series

High strength and resistance to severe operating conditions.

Dyckerhoff anhydrite screed Dyckerhoff anhydrite screed

Floor screed with the highest quality standards.

Masonry Mortar Masonry Mortar

Ready-to-use product for easier and faster masonry works.