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liquid earth

Liquid earth is a special filling mix, the composition of which is based on natural aggregates, hydraulic binders and water. The recipe also includes mineral and chemical additives that modify the workability of the fresh mix.


perfect filling

  • closed channels, septic tanks, culverts, tubes, underground tanks, old cellars, eliminating subsidence and collapse risks
  • voids between new structures and the ground, without the risk of the subsidence of layers above
  • narrow linear trenches for water and sewage pipelines, replacing the mechanically compacted ground



  • liquid earth is used as stabilization or bedding for structural elements (e.g. for foundation plates or pavers)



  • it has self-leveling properties and it does not require compaction
  • the fluid state ensures the exact filling of trenches and flooded spaces
  • no subsidence after curing, a large range of free flowing
  • available in a few strength variants


what do you benefit?

  • easier contractor's work - no refilling and compaction stages
  • shorter construction time - fast refilling of channels, tanks and trenches
  • exact filling of free spaces thanks to the liquid state of the mix
  • reduction of the risk of subsidence
  • possible reduction of the width of standard trenches



  • pouring of the mix directly from the concrete mixer truck or with the use of a pump
  • filling of closed channels, tanks and pipes should be made with proper venting ensured


* according to the product variant