Heading sustainability



The Policy of the Integrated Management System Quality Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety is to continually satisfy obligations towards customers, owners, employees, the natural environment, local communities and other stakeholders. The adopted policy is implemented through a philosophy of responsible business and sustainable development.

Certificate ISO 9001

As a strategic decision of the organisation, the quality management system supports the improvement of the overall effects of operations and forms a solid base for pursuing initiatives in the field of sustainable development.

Certificate ISO 14001

Achievement of a balance between the environment, society and the economy is treated as a condition of satisfying current needs without jeopardising the needs of future generations. Sustainable development is achieved through maintaining a balance between three pillars. Wishing to strengthen our contribution to the environmental pillar of sustainable development, we have introduced a systemic approach to environmental management.

Certificate ISO 45001

We are interested in undertaking consistent efforts aimed at improving the condition of occupational health and safety. In order for  such endeavours to be effective,  they require a structured management system.

PEWNY CEMENT (Certain Cement) Quality Mark

Being awarded the PEWNY CEMENT Quality Certificate is an acknowledgement of the high quality of products manufactured by Dyckerhoff Polska.
The PEWNY CEMENT Quality Certificate is awarded by the Chapter for the satisfaction of all technical standards and specifications applicable to cement at all stages of its production and distribution.

Certyfikat KZR INiG

Obtaining the KZR INiG Certificate confirms compliance with the requirements of the sustainability criteria for biomass fuels that are used in cement plants. The system implements the assumptions of Directive 2018/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 11, 2018 on promoting the use of energy from renewable sources (RED II).

Declaration and environmental certification Type III EPD

The Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a document based on a life-cycle analysis of the product, providing transparent and reliable information on the environmental impact of the product. The declaration has been verified by a qualified and independent third party- Building Research Institute (ITB) and confirmed by the certificate awarded on 1st June 2020.

Environmental Product Declaration Certificate

This declaration is the Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) based on EN 15804+A2 and verified according to ISO 14025 by an external auditor. It contains the information on the impacts of the declared construction materials on the environment. Applies to Dyckerhoff EKO and Dyckerhoff EKO PLUS concretes, whose impact on the environment has been minimized, as confirmed by this certificate. The declaration was prepared and approved by the Building Research Institute (ITB). It is an independent testing body with the status of a member of The European Platform - Association of EPD program operators.