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pervious concrete

Pervious concrete is fully permeable for rainwater. It contains 15-30% of voids, which allow the free flow of water. The very good homogeneity of pores across the concrete cross-section ensures water flow to the lower layers of the structure or ground. It is used for the quick removal of water from the usable surfaces in order to avoid damage related to penetration of the surface by rain water.



  • excellent permeability for water, even up to 30 l/m2/sec.
  • quick removal of water from the surface
  • concrete compressive strength up to 20 MPa
  • high concrete durability


what do you benefit?

  • the layer is fully permeable for water
  • quick removal of water to the ground during rainfall
  • stiff for the foundation plates under sport fields, playgrounds, etc.
  • additional surfaces for the removal of rain water to the ground in city areas



  • bedding for tennis courts, multi-purpose sport fields, running tracks, playgrounds, outdoor gyms
  • bike routes, pedestrian routes, park alleys
  • permeable stabilization for paver or stone surfaces
  • drainage in the construction of retaining wall systems


characteristics of the product

  • available in the following compressive strength classes: up to C8/10, C12/15 i C16/20 *
  • consistency S2
  • application with the use of a basket or directly from the concrete mixer
  • application without vibration, recommended rolling
  • after application, it must be covered with plastic film, maintenance as in the case of regular concrete


* Basic production and delivery of concrete is performed in accordance with: PN-EN 206+A2:2021-08 "Concrete. Requirements, properties, manufacturing and compliance" and PN-B-06265:2022-08 "Concrete -- Requirements, performance, production and conformity -- National supplement to PN-EN 206+A2:2021-08".