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Fair-faced Concrete

creativity without limits

Fair-faced concrete has defined requirements related to appearance. Apart from its structural functions, it has an impact on the architectural qualities of buildings and structures. It gives unlimited possibilities for exposing the surfaces of various structural elements, giving them decorative functions without the necessity of coating with top finish.


raw fair-faced concrete

Ready-to-use elements are made by pouring a specially designed mortar mix into a specially prepared formwork. After the removal of the formwork, fair-faced concrete is left in the form of: raw concrete, concrete with a special texture or colored concrete. The correct production of elements made of fair-faced concrete requires special operations compliant with the art of construction.



Surfaces of elements made of fair-faced concrete have an original and unique appearance. The smooth, textured surfaces of concrete walls and floors provide an industrial appearance to buildings. The raw and natural character of concrete captures and conveys minimalistic aesthetics. It can be combined with other materials used in architecture, such as metal or wood, giving an individual appearance to every project.



  • after the removal of the formwork, it is left as raw concrete, or
  • special texture concrete, obtained as a result of proper molding, formwork, grinding, peening, exposing the aggregate during concrete flushing, or
  • colored concrete, where the pigment is mixed with the concrete mix before  the material is poured into the formwork – the finished element is also colored in its cross-section, however, it should be remembered that concrete is a natural material and its color will be a shade of the catalog color
  • mixes are available in compressive strength classes C30/37 and higher*
  • it is possible to use the self-compacting SCC mix*
  • concrete is resistant to frost, moisture and UV
  • application with a pump, basket or directly from the concrete mixer
  • maintenance is the same as for regular concrete types



  • structural elements and/or decorative elements for houses, apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants and many others
  • internal walls, facades, retaining walls
  • fencing and terrace elements
  • stairs, landscape architecture elements (benches, flowerpots, etc.)


* Basic production and delivery of concrete is performed in accordance with: PN-EN 206+A2:2021-08 "Concrete. Requirements, properties, manufacturing and compliance" and PN-B-06265:2022-08 "Concrete -- Requirements, performance, production and conformity -- National supplement to PN-EN 206+A2:2021-08".