Dyckerhoff anhydrite screed

Dyckerhoff screed is an anhydrite liquid mix manufactured in Dyckerhoff plants and delivered to construction sites as a ready-to-use product. The mix is applied with the use of an auger pump.


benefits of anhydrite screed

  • very good heat conduction in a system with floor heating
  • the bedding has a compact structure and low porosity - the mix wraps around each heating element, which facilitates heat dissipation to the room
  • thanks to the high heat transmittance coefficient, the product improves heating efficiency
  • low inertia of the bedding allows the use of economic heating programs and improves comfort of use



Dyckerhoff screed is a product designed for use inside buildings, particularly for floors with floor heating systems.

  • used in dry rooms under various types of finish linings
  • possible use in rooms with short-term high humidity
  • not recommended for outdoor and indoor use with constant humidity


benefits of the solution

  • the product is compliant with PN-EN 13813* and it is marked with CE
  • reduced thickness of concrete floor = reduced loading of ceilings (compared to cement screed)
  • bedding does not require reinforcement due to the high mechanical strength
  • no shrinkage during curing eliminates the problem of concrete floor cracking
  • possible stepping on the bedding after 48 h
  • continuation of finishing works in rooms after 5 days
  • possible execution of large surfaces without joints
  • short working time on the construction site

technical parameters

  • compressive strength C20, C25, C30 [MPa]
  • bending strength F4, F5, F6 [MPa]
  • fluid consistency, self-leveling properties


thickness of bedding

Recommended minimum thickness of anhydrite bedding (construction of a single-family house):

  • 50 mm for floor heating (min. 35 mm above 16 mm thick tubes)
  • 35 mm for surfaces without floor heating


* PN-EN 13813:2003 Screed materials and floor screeds. Screed materials.