More than 2,000 days without an accident.
07 June 2022

More than 2,000 days without an accident.

2000 days without an accident was shown in May 2022 by an electronic board installed in front of the plant. This is a great success of the entire staff and subcontractors who cooperate with us. It means that for nearly six years there has not been an accident at the cement plant of Dyckerhoff Polska spółka z o.o.

Occupational health and safety is a priority for both the management and employees and collaborators of Dyckerhoff Polska sp. z o.o.

- Such a good result is the result of audits, trainings and constant improvement of work culture", says Jacek Starula, Health and Safety Manager at Dyckerhoff Polska. - We are improving through workshops, daily observations, and the result of 2000 accident-free days only motivates us for further actions and development in this area. The high awareness of the staff allows us to enjoy this result and have a positive impact on occupational safety.