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Relations with employees

We are an employer that develops long-term relations with its employees. The social responsibility of our company is a result of the adopted strategy. Social commitment is driven by our sense of responsibility and is strongly rooted in the values cherished by our company. Another important issue for us is the health of our employees, their sense of safety, both in terms of their health and financial condition, or comfort, and therefore the satisfaction derived from work at Dyckerhoff Polska.

Summary of events

Women's Day at Dyckerhoff Poland! The company celebrated Women's Day, highlighting the strength, determination and invaluable contribution of women. The celebration included the presentation of flowers, sweet gifts and surprises for all women at Dyckerhoff Polska.

The company's employees showed impressive commitment during the Operation Szlachetnej Paczki . Numerous people took part in the charity collection, and the generosity during shopping for the campaign exceeded expectations, creating rich supplies to help create a festive atmosphere for the chosen family. Employees not only purchased gifts, but also engaged in practical support, packing gifts with great dedication and heart. Their readiness to deliver the packages to the warehouse in turn ensured that the valuable gifts would go directly to the family that needed the help.

As in previous years, this season we are continuing our efforts to prevent flu virus infections. Dyckerhoff Poland has decided to cover the cost of flu vaccinations for all interested employees. It is worth noting that this year's initiative also attracted considerable interest from staff.

Today we celebrate Women's Day!  All women at Dyckerhoff Poland received flowers and gifts on the occasion of Women's Day, however, not only on this day, but every day we appreciate their presence.

"Szlachetna Paczka" at Dyckerhoff Polska - We also organized a "Szlachetna Paczka” for one selected family. This year we supported a single mother raising three children.

Influenza virus prophylaxis - After the Covid-19 outbreak condition was lifted, we resumed flu virus prophylaxis. Dyckerhoff Poland financed a flu vaccination for all willing employees. Interest in the action was very high.

Our employees are helping Ukraine - Employees bring aid - the shocking events in Ukraine moved our employees. They immediately showed help and support by buying, among other things, food, hygiene products, medical supplies, as well as blankets, water and disinfectants.

Bookcrossing in Dyckerhoff Polska - Bookcrossing at Dyckerhoff - On the Bookseller's Day, celebrated on December 13, we implemented the idea of free book sharing in the company. Our employees who have books at home that they have already read and would like to circulate them, giving them a second life, can bring them back, and in return choose a book for themselves from the newly created resources. With this initiative, we want to popularize reading in the company and promote our corporate library, and at the same time share the joy of reading with others.

As in previous years, we are continuing the prophylaxis against influenza virus. Dyckerhoff Polska financed flu vaccination for all willing employees. It is worth mentioning that the interest in the year's campaign was very high.


Company library is launched - The corporate library has been opened - Thanks to the efforts of many people, thanks to their passion and commitment, a very interesting initiative was created and materialized - the corporate library.
At the beginning, there are over seventy books and over a dozen magazines, both in Polish and in English. We hope that the collections will grow quickly and we will gain a group of loyal readers. We think that despite the digitized world that surrounds us, contact with a book or an interesting magazine has its charm and brings unique values for the reader. As Ozymandias said: "The library is a treasure of medicines for the soul”. The library is located in an office building in Nowiny, but publications can also be ordered with delivery to all Dyckerhoff Polska plants in the country.

Certificate of work safety for Dyckerhoff Polska Sp. z o.o. - Promoting the protection of physical and mental health of employees. The manifestation of this activity is, among other things, the certified occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001:2018, which is a visible signal to both our employees and the external environment that we are fully committed to a comprehensive health and safety policy, leading to a safe working environment and the elimination of health burdensome factors. It is worth noting that this is another ISO certificate related to the management system that the company has. For years, Dyckerhoff Polska has been taking care of ensuring the best possible working conditions, acting to protect the environment and improving quality at every stage of its activity.

Employee Capital Plan (ECP). Dyckerhoff Polska increases payments to the ECP that are the responsibility of the employer. We are convinced that saving together for future pensions will have a positive impact on the sense of safety among our employees and will facilitate the perception of Dyckerhoff Polska as a socially responsible business and a stable and attractive employer.

Dyckerhoff Polska is the first employer in Poland that has made payments for the ECP using the SAP Payroll system. It was our employees, who checked, verified, made comments and corrections that are used by all other employers in Poland operating in the SAP environment. SAP Polska congratulated and thanked us for our support during the development of the SAP platform for ECP calculations.

Continuation of preventive measures against the flu virus. Satisfied with the interest in last year’s anti-flu programme, we have decided to continue preventive vaccination of our employees. It is worth adding that we financed the vaccination with one of the best vaccines on the market.

Private medical services for the employees of Dyckerhoff Polska. As a socially responsible employer, the introduction of private medical services for all employees was an important step for us. The company is aware that each employee is covered by standard health insurance. Dyckerhoff Polska treats its employees as its biggest asset, therefore we took the decision to provide additional medical services, which are such an important investment. It was a priority that each employee should have immediate access to comfortable private medical services at the top level.

Inspired by the National Anti-Flu Programme, the company decided to provide its employees with the possibility of preventive vaccinations. Caring about the health of its employees and as a socially responsible employer, Dyckerhoff Polska offered the financing of preventive flu vaccinations to all interested employees.

“Rak to Twój biznes” (Cancer is Your Business) - Dyckerhoff Polska supports cancer preventive measures among women. Oncological educators visited the plant of Dyckerhoff Polska in Nowiny to talk to its employees about dangerous, though curable diseases and their prevention.