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1960 – 1965

Kombinat Cementowo-Wapienniczy “Nowiny” was established. The cement production technology was based on the wet method. The plant was fitted with 5 rotary kilns. They were heated up for the first time on 27 October 1965, which is recognised as the plant’s opening date.

1970 – 1974

Cementownia “Nowiny” II was established. The new plant started production on 20 January 1974.

1995 – 1996

Pursuant to the notarial deed of 23 October 1995, Zakłady Cementowo-Wapiennicze “Nowiny” was transformed into Zakłady Cementowo-Wapiennicze “Nowiny” Spółka Akcyjna, joint-stock company, wholly-owned by the State Treasury, on 2 January 1996.

On the basis of the Decision No. 1846/92 of 19 December 1996 the Minister of Internal Affairs decided to allow Dyckerhoff AG, with its registered office in Wiesbaden, to acquire 60% of the shares in the equity capital of ZCW “Nowiny” Spółka Akcyjna in Sitkówka.


Pursuant to the decision of the District Court Commercial Division in Kielce, Zakłady Cementowo-Wapiennicze “Nowiny” S.A. changed its name to Cementownia “Nowiny” Spółka Akcyjna on 9 July 1997.


Pursuant to the decision of the District Court Commercial Division in Kielce, Cementownia “Nowiny” S.A. was transformed into a limited liability company on 29 December 2000.


On 3 April 2007, Cementownia “Nowiny” spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością merged with Dyckerhoff Beton Polska spółka z o.o. The company name changed to Dyckerhoff Polska sp. z o.o.


As part of the rebranding program, Dyckerhoff Polska sp. z o.o. gains a new logo that shows membership and integrity within the whole Buzzi Unicem corporation.