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All-inclusive construction service VAT 8%

concrete with the required class and invoice

For concrete pouring, order homogenous, certified mixes from the concrete mixing plant. Should you take an invoice? The answer is simple - YES! The invoice is proof of purchase needed for tax settlements and a guarantee that you have bought concrete with the required parameters. Without the invoice, you cannot be sure about the class of the received product, its actual strength or water repellence. The manufacturer of concrete issuing the invoice declares that the parameters of the produced mixes comply with the applicable standards and you know what you buy. Confirmation in the form of a declaration of compliance is received together with the issue document (WZ) for each delivered batch. Please note that foundations and ceilings are elements that affect the durability and safety of the building. In this area, it is not worth taking a risk and attempting to make savings. Secure your house from the beginning and buy concrete with an invoice!


Comprehensive building surface VAT 8%

We invite you to use our Comprehensive Building Service VAT 8%. It covers the purchase of concrete together with transport and pumping services. The invoice includes a VAT tax rate of 8%. This service is dedicated to construction site projects, repairs and extensions, classified to construction covered by the social residential building program.*


* according to Art. 41 section 12a-12c of the Act on VAT.