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Flooring Concrete

Flooring concrete ensures the appropriate durability and hardness of the substrate, easy cleaning and resistance to long-term and intensive use. It is used for flooring in industrial buildings, storerooms, as well as underground car parks, e.g. in offices, shopping malls, etc.



  • production in compressive classes C20/25 and higher*
  • low w/c coefficient
  • mixes also in exposure classes from XM1 to XM3 (aggression caused by abrasion*)
  • resistance to high load and chemicals
  • fire resistance - class A1
  • high durability
  • possible production of floor concrete with dispersed fiber (steel, polymer, polypropylene)


additional information

  • application with the use of a pump, basket or directly from the concrete mixer
  • maintenance as for regular concrete types


* Basic production and delivery of concrete is performed in accordance with: PN-EN 206+A2:2021-08 "Concrete. Requirements, properties, manufacturing and compliance" and PN-B-06265:2022-08 "Concrete -- Requirements, performance, production and conformity -- National supplement to PN-EN 206+A2:2021-08".


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