Ready-mixed concrete is produced and delivered in accordance with:

  • PN-EN 206+A1:2016-12 Concrete – Specification, performance, production and conformity
  • PN-B-06265:2018-10 Concrete – Specification, performance, production and conformity. National supplement PN-EN 206+A1:2016-12.

There is also a possibility to order concrete in accordance with the norms that are still in the market:

  • Road-bridge concrete
  • Hydro technical concrete
  • Other concretes with additional requirements in accordance with PN-88/B-06250 Normal Concrete (water resistance, frost resistance)

PN-EN 206 singles the following possibilities out to order concrete:

  • Designed concrete – the specifier decides on concrete quality in the specification
  • Prescription concrete – the specifier submits a prescription and the producer prepares mixtures in accordance with the prescription
  • Certified prescription concrete – the producer prepares mixtures in accordance with standards for the concrete

Depending on the need, it is possible to order mixtures representing all concrete exposition classes and various degrees of thickness. A modern computerized dispensing system guarantees mixtures of repeatable characteristics.

Production control

The same factory production control system (manufacturer’s register) is binding upon all plants. As part of it functions a network of Concrete Laboratories that are responsible for:

  • Selecting constituents of the right quality
  • Selecting additional constituents of the right type
  • Control of delivered constituents
  • Preparing mixtures in accordance with the specification
  • Systematic taking samples of mixtures
  • Testing the characteristics of hardened concrete
  • Testing compliance with standards
  • Statistical data evaluation
  • Housing archives
  • Technical counseling
  • Concrete Laboratories do not make any test done as part of the factory production control system available to the recipient. In exceptional circumstances additional tests can be done after a word with the plant manager, but before the delivery of mixtures. It involves taking additional samples. One has to take into consideration that a fee is charged for a large number of tests or specialist tests.

Placing orders

An essential document is a specification in which the specifier decides on both basic and additional requirements. It guarantees avoiding misunderstandings on the delivery. A sample of specification is available in every plant. Orders should be placed 3 days before concreting. It ensures a prompt and uninterrupted order realization. In exceptional circumstances it is possible to place a small quantity order by 9 a.m. 1 day before the delivery. Orders to be delivered immediately can be placed on the stipulation that no fine is calculated for potential delays. Our drivers are not entitled to accept any orders. We should be notified of any change of the date of concreting 24 hours ahead of the delivery. In case of withdrawing the order, when our tracks are loading or on their way to the building site, the buyer covers the costs.


Our concrete comes with a warranty in accordance with the delivery conditions. Our drivers are not entitled to add water to any mixtures. If the recipient plans to change the composition of mixtures, it can be done after confirming it in writing on the receipt. In case of adding water or chemical additional constituents by the buyer, the concrete is no longer under guarantee.

The supplier does not bear responsibility for:

  • The final characteristics of concrete after changing the composition at the buyer’s request
  • The characteristics of concrete after the wrong thickening of the mixture or wrong care after pouring
  • Shrinkage cracks in surfaces etc., appearing within the first several hours after the pouring. They do not result from the characteristics of concrete itself, but inappropriate protection of fresh concrete from too a quick water loss (plastic shrinkage) in given temperature and humidity conditions
  • Decreased strength resulting from concrete freezing before reaching early strength. Chemical antifreeze additional constituents, added on producing and delivering mixtures, do not exempt from a requirement that the recipient should protect the poured concrete from a heat loss resulting from the hydration of concrete
  • ? The values of final parameters of prescription concrete or certified prescription concrete unless the mixture is prepared in accordance with the prescription.

Other products

We also offer other cement-based products. They include:

  • Mortars
  • Cement sand mortars
  • Beddings and stabilizations
  • Lean and lightweight concretes
  • Cement screeds according to foreign norms
  • Styrofoam concrete forms
  • Others after deciding on the composition and delivery conditions