onecta – mortars

reliable and easy solution for bricklayers

Dyckerhoff Poland offers mortars to traditional masonry. They are produced at the concrete plants and supplied to the construction sites as a ready-to- use product by the concrete mixers. This solution simplifies and speeds up the execution of masonry work. The mortar is ready to use from the moment of its delivery to the construction site, which allows for starting the work from early morning and focus solely on bricklaying.


  • the small size elements with the joint thickness of 10-40 mm, i.e. of bricks, ceramic, silicate, concrete blocks, aerated concrete blocks, expanded clay aggregate blocks, etc.
  • external and internal structural walls, partition walls
  • basement walls and foundation walls
  • supporting pillars, ventilation chimneys, etc.

advantages and benefits:

  • stable quality - the production process ensures a homogenous mortar with every delivery - formulation components are tested and dosed by weight, in contrast to the mixtures produced at the construction sites according to the indicative volume composition
  • bricklaying since the early hours of the morning – no time is wasted on the production of mortar at the construction site, the service equipment, disposal of containers, etc. focusing all the power of masonry team on the construction of the walls without unnecessary additional work
  • easy to use - a fresh mixture retains its working properties even up to 36 hours from the time of production with the conditions of its storage taken into account
  • order at the construction site – ready- to- use mortar, the concrete produced at the plant, eliminating the need for storage of individual components, such as sand and cement for construction, and also it does not require electricity and water connections, etc.

technical and functional properties:

  • produced in strength classes 5, 10 and 15 [MPa]
  • it retains working properties for 36 hours
  • very good adhesion to construction substrates
  • comfortable to use thanks to the good workability
  • frost-resistant

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