leggero – Light concrete

when plain concrete is not enough ...

Lightweight concrete is a material that combines good insulation properties and helps relieve built structures – it is lighter than standard concrete. It is produced with the application of lightweight aggregate and its density in the dry state is between 800 and 2000 kg / m3.

The production of lightweight concrete is done on the basis of lightweight aggregates, i.e. expanded clay aggregate, perlite, fly ash aggregate or polystyrene granules.


Depending on the bulk density, lightweight concrete is used as an insulation material, insulation – construction material and design material. The product is used as follows:

  • downward layer and insulating layer of flat roofs and terraces
  • stuffer-insulating layer and relieving layer of the design for renovation of old floors
  • insulating alignment layer in floor heating systems
  • insulating layer above the last storey ceiling or above the cellar
  • elements of engineering structures, reducing the total weight of its own object
  • foundation pavements on bridges

advantages and benefits:

  • it reduces the total weight of the structure,
  • it relieves stress on the existing ceilings in for renovation of buildings for example historic buildings etc.
  • it improves the thermal insulation of floors, floors and roofs influencing the thermal energy savings
  • it easily fills the spaces around pipes and district heating protects against heat loss and mechanical damage
  • its insulating properties lead to savings on the expenditure resulting from subsequent additional finishing operation or in the case of making parts of ordinary concrete

technical and functional properties:

  • a density of from 800 to 2000 kg / m3
  • compressive strength from 2 to 35 MPa
  • application directly from concrete pump or trash transport using a crane
  • the possibility of pump feeding *
  • consistency allows for easy installation, leveling and appropriate compacting of the mixture
  • it suppresses sounds better than standard concrete
  • it has good thermal insulation properties
  • it adapts very well to uneven ground
  • lightweight concrete in the density class of D1.0 and D1.2 based on polystyrene granules

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