Concrete with VAT 8%

Extensive construction services VAT 8%

Dyckerhoff Poland invites individual consumers to take advantage of Extensive Construction Services VAT8%. It includes the purchase of concrete complete with transport and pumping service. The invoice includes a lower VAT rate equal to 8%. The service applies only to the construction projects, renovation or expansion, classified under construction belonging to a social housing program. *

* Within the meaning of Article 41 paragraph. 12a- 12c of the VAT Act.

concrete quality and texture

For concreting the homogeneous blend mixture with approval should be ordered from the concrete mixing plant. And should we take an invoice? The answer is obvious - YES! The invoice is your proof of purchase with the tax return and a guarantee that you are buying concrete with predictable performance. Without it, you cannot be sure of, among others, the quality of the product, its true strength and water resistance. The manufacturer of concrete, the invoice insurer, declares parameters of the produced mixture and its compliance with applicable standards, and thus you know exactly what you're buying. You should receive the confirmation in the form of a declaration of conformity, together with the delivery note for each batch. Please note that the foundation and ceilings are the elements responsible for the durability and safety of the object. In this field, it is not worth risking the apparent savings. Protect your house from the beginning and buy concrete with an invoice!