CEM III/A 42,5 N


CEM III/A 42,5N is blast furnace cement of a class 42,5N according to EN 197-1. The main constituents are Portland clinker and blast furnace slag. Gypsum is used as a setting regulator.


  • Medium dynamics of increase in early strength,
  • Medium hydration heat,
  • Increase in strength after 28 days of hardening,
  • Good mixing,
  • Increased resistance to chemical attack,
  • Light color.

Recommended application

  • C40/50 concretes,
  • Self- compacting concrete,
  • Concreting in high temperatures,
  • Ground stabilization in road construction,
  • Industrial flooring,
  • Council building,
  • Mass concretes,
  • Production of prefabricated sewerage installations,
  • Construction of infrastructure facilities and structures with specific environmental protection requirements.