Building materials

Dyckerhoff Polska Sp. z o.o. offers a wide range of ready-for-use mixtures used in hydro technical construction and geotechnology in fields such as repair works of hydro technical buildings, floodbanks included, other flood-control devices, hydro technical constructions, environmental protection, and underground buildings with special requirements. We also offer ready-for-use mixtures used in road building to stabilize, improve and strengthen ground.

In the above-mentioned fields the following groups of products of Dyckerhoff Polska, whose prescription is each time agreed on with the customer, can be applied:

Solidur gready-for-use self-hardening mixtures to be used between diaphragm walls and thin diaphragm walls to repair, fill in and strengthen floodbanks and barriers of concrete, to seal waste stockpiles, stilts, and to fill in other empty places.

Lipidur mineral hydraulic binder with drying and strengthening properties to be used to stabilize, seal and strengthen ground in road building, repair and modernization where mix-in-place is used. Lipidur is something between lime and cement, which allows combining the chief qualities of the two. Drying properties that lime has and binding properties that cement does make it the ultimate binder used thus far in road building.