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DYCKERHOFF Polska – Cementownia Nowiny Sp. z o. o. received a prestigious award in the competition of the National Labour Inspectorate, “Employer – Safe Work Organiser”. The enormous contribution of our company to the improvement of working conditions and safety has been appreciated.

On November 27, at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, congratulatory letters were given to us, as the only ones among those distinguished, by Jan Guz – chairman of the All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions (OPZZ), and Piotr Duda – chairman of Solidarity. It was appreciated that Dyckerhoff Polska not only cares for a high level of safety, but also for shaping a friendly atmosphere in labour relations. The OPZZ Chairman's Cup was collected by Robert Latos, representative of our trade union organisation.

- We are pleased that our efforts to improve working conditions and our recognition for a friendly work atmosphere in the company have been positively assessed. We are proud of these achievements and intend to continue these trends in the future – said Krzysztof Kieres, Director General of the company.

During the ceremonial Gala organised by the National Labour Inspectorate under the honorary patronage of Marek Kuchciński – Speaker of the Polish Parliament, the Halina Krahelska Awards and the “Mecum Tutissimus Ibis” statuettes for the winners of the “Employer – Safe Work Organiser” competition were presented and the best company labour inspectors were distinguished. The awards and distinctions were granted in the presence of representatives of the president, parliament, government, bodies supervising and controlling working conditions, scientific communities, associations active in labour protection, trade unions and employers' organisations.

The best employers who particularly stand out in the area of work safety standards and caring for the life and health of employees have been rewarded in the “Employer – Safe Work Organiser” competition for the 25th time.

Winners receive the “Mecum Tutissimus Ibis” –“with me you will be the safest” statuette and are entered into the “Golden List of Employers”. The decision is made by the Chief Labour Inspector on a proposal from the Competition Committee, which comprises of jurors from the National Labour Inspectorate as well as representatives of employer organisations and trade unions.

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