Cement plant tour

Andrzej, a 9-year old pupil of the L. Różycki Music School, won a tour in the Nowiny Cement Plant during the 26th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Today, Andrzej managed to redeem the voucher. “Actually, I liked everything, but the fact that I could sit in the CEO's chair was the best”, said Andrzej in a disarming fashion. The tour agenda was really interesting. The meeting started with a short speech by the Production Manager about Dyckerhoff Cement Plant and the cement production process. Next, the visitors went to a viewing platform from which they could see the process called “blasting”. “A deposit is excavated using the blasting technique. Each charge is delayed against another by milliseconds. Such a sequential explosion reduces quakes,” explained the Mine Manager. Further part of the tour was equally interesting. Three mills, two furnaces, silos and concrete loading stations – such a tour could take many hours. “One must remember that the Nowiny Cement Plant is inseparably associated with the commune of Sitkówka-Nowiny,” explained the head of the commune, who was present at the meeting. “The decision on the construction of the “Nowiny” Cement and Lime Plant was taken in December 1958. Seven years later, the plant was commissioned. The plant reached its full production capacity in 1969, while the record-high output in terms of the amount of cement produced was achieved in 1974. For many years, the Nowiny Cement Plant was listed among the largest “polluters” in Poland,” he continued. “Currently, we have no complexes in terms of the technology used here. We stand up to the largest global players, and the environmental protection is a particularly important issue for us”, said the Director General of Dyckerhoff Polska during the meeting. At present, the Nowiny Cement Plant is a modern facility with a production capacity of approximately 1.6 million tons of cement annually”, he added.

At the end of the tour, the Director General of Dyckerhoff Polska and the head of the commune of Sitkówka-Nowiny presented the visitors with gifts, and Andrzej performed a song prepared specially for this occasion. “I am happy that our event has met with such interest. I hope that in the future, we will manage to organise something equally attractive”, said the head of the commune in his farewell to the visitors.