“Cancer is Your Business” – Dyckerhoff Polska supports cancer preventive care among women

Each day, cervical cancer kills five Polish women. The illness that is curable claims victims among women regardless of their age. In the case of breast cancer, the risk of becoming ill increases with age. Is there a way to prevent it? It is enough to undergo regular medical examination: cytology and mammography. These tests may save lives.

The event “Cancer is Your Business. Companies Against Cancer”, organised by the PROREW Association together with partners as part of the projects titled: “I am a woman: I undergo mammography”, “I am a woman: I undergo cytology”, is addressed to employers from Kielce and neighbouring towns. The initiative is aimed at increasing women's awareness of the need to undergo regular breast and cervix tests.

On 23 March 2018, cancer educators visited the plant of Dyckerhoff Polska in Nowiny to talk with female employees about dangerous, though curable illnesses and preventive care. Women also had an opportunity to sign in for free-of-charge mammography and cytology. “We are a socially responsible business. Caring about the health of our employees and providing them with access to tests is an extremely important issue for us, therefore, we have decided to join the “Cancer is Your Business” event,” explains Krzysztof Kieres, Director General.