26 Finał Wielkiej Orkiestry Świątecznej Pomocy.

Throughout Poland on Sunday, January 14, 2018, the 26th Final of the Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy ( Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity - name in English) took place.

This year, the Great Orchestra collects money to support basic neonatal units. The Foundation wants to equip them with neonatal resuscitation stations, modern incubators, non- invasive breathing apparatus, infusion pumps, specialized ultrasound devices and pulse oximeters.

About 120,000 people volunteers participated in this year's Finale. The finals were accompanied by numerous events, including concerts, sporting events and auctions.

The evening finale of the “Orchestra” in Kielce ended with an auction in the Kielce Cultural Center (KCK). Many items were auctioned by local entrepreneurs. The final concert with the auction began at 19, ended with a beautiful, spontaneous common feast before 22. It was possible to collect as much as PLN 47 770, or about 8,000 more than a year ago.

For the first time Dyckerhoff Polska Sp. z o.o. she decided “to play” with the Orchestra and support the noble intentions of the organizers. Together with the mayor of the municipality, Mr. Sebastian Nowaczkiewicz, we gave the voucher for spending 1 day in the Cement Plant covering the visit of our plant and a joint dinner with the winner of the auction. The Voucher enjoyed considerable interest. It was auctioned by Mr. Piotr Litwin for PLN 450.

Adam Dec