About us

Dyckerhoff Polska Sp. z o.o. previously known as Cementownia “Nowiny”, has been in the building materials market since 1965, offering a wide range of high quality cements, ready-mixed concretes and construction systems.Since 1996 we have belonged to Dyckerhoff GmbH, an international business group having its seat in Wiesbaden, Germany, which is now a part of the Italian Buzzi Unicem group. Buzzi Unicem SpA, a business group having its seat in Casale Monferrato, Italy, operates in 11 countries, employs ca 11,000 employees and ranks among the biggest building materials producers in the world. Using its knowledge and potential, we comply with the most modern production and management standards, providing the Polish market with the best quality building materials. As part of plant modernization we introduced modern technologies, world-class standards and effective management systems. In Dyckerhoff Polska management is aided by SAP, business management software, and a quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2000.

At present Dyckerhoff Polska is a modern company 10 km west of Kielce, where it has its plant. Our activities center around 2 lines of business: production of cement and building materials, and of ready-mixed concrete. The main area of activity is producing and selling Portland cements, Portland-composite cements (with additional mineral constituents) as well as blast furnace cements. The cement plant ranks among the most modern plants in our region. We are a famous and valued cement producer associated with good reputation and top quality. We produce cement that meets world quality standards, which allows it to be applied in various conditions. Our other line of business that is a key distribution channel is producing ready-mixed concrete. To produce and sell it we have depots in most cities in southern Poland. To come up to our customers’ expectations we care for the top and stable quality of our products, adjusting our offer to the expected standards. A confirmation of our care for customer satisfaction is starting professional concrete consulting services offered by the Concrete Technology Center.

Our strategy and business philosophy are based on objectives such as meeting the market’s requirements, improving working conditions, effective human resource management as well as environmental protection. Safe working conditions are a matter of overriding importance for us. What is more, we pay close attention to the staff training and career advancement of our employees. They are offered an opportunity to use their skills at work and vigorously support the Company’s development through their experience. The main area of our activity is care for the environment. The dust reduction systems used in our plant make us be an environmentally friendly company that meets all European norms and standards. Moreover, it is adjusted to safely using alternative fuels, thanks to which we contribute to saving non-renewable energy sources.